Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Ridgefield + Wilton Magazine Survey

As an advertiser and loyal subscriber to the Ridgefield and/or Wilton Magazine, we would like to introduce ourselves as the new faces behind these magazines. Colabella Media, LLC is the new owner of the magazines, which will now be designed by the RPAC Art Center design team. We believe in the strengths of the magazines, but we also want to expand to include a larger focus on the people and events throughout our towns, which is now one of the best areas in CT for arts and cultural experiences.

Our intention is to be centric to Ridgefield and Wilton, but also include stories of interest to our close neighbors. We would like your feedback on this process.

Ridgefield and Wilton magazine recognizes that our advertisers want the most and right kind of exposure to make their media purchase worthwhile. Our designers and editors will be working to bring that value to you.

We are requesting that you take 10 minutes to answer some quick questions about what has worked with your advertising, the editorial content, and design while providing feedback on what has not worked. This will guide us to better serve you, your customers, and your interests.

Thanks for your time, and feel free to send additional comments to

Example: Ask Ms. Jen; Eat & Drink; Faces and Places
These names and the rebranding are not decided.
These names and the rebranding are not decided.